a false sense of security

this is my main blog... I upload scribbles and finished work here.
I'm always trying to improve, and I'm happy about any kind of feedback ^^

working on DeAg thumbnails!

not sure what to do with this.

aaaand I’m home!

school starts on monday! considering to do Devil’s Agent for comic and concept design class.. hmm…


mostly without a computer till the end of the month!

but I’ll hopefully have lots of things (at least sketches and studies) to scan and finish once I’m back!

have a good time, everyone! <3

it’s so nice to have some time to draw old OCs.

aToD RPG mockup screens for game design class. 

of course I had to make an RPG when I could have chosen to do a Flappy bird clone >~<

had to make an artbook for this too, so now I have a “aToD - the RPG” artbook as well.

first two images were painted in SAI, everything else was made in Adobe Illustrator.


the aToD concept bible can be viewed (and downloaded) here, for anyone who’s interested!

a happy DoA, for Laura

this was great to unwind from all the assignment work


a Tale of Descension - main cast

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